Loosened Vietnam visa policy for tourist

Draft policies will be presented to the Government by the national steering committee for tourism, aim to make it easier for international travelers to enter Vietnam, the loosened visa policy proposal is also included.

It is told by the Vietnam National Tourism Administration that the visa-free policy should be kept for 7 major markets, including Denmark, Japan, Russia, Sweden, South Korea, Finland and Norway. Besides, the duration of stay for travelers should be 30 days instead of 15 days in the visa exemption rule at the present.

In the early of this month, the Vietnamese Tourism Association also presented to the Prime Minister about the proposals concerning visa issued at the border, and continued visa exemption policy for tourists from the seven markets mentioned above, presenting that the policy has boosted the growth of arrivals from important markets.

Arrivals from Japan, South Korea and Russia totaled 1.45 million with revenues of 2 billion dollars last year. If the visa exemption is removed, the growths of such markets may be dropped by 50 %.