Vietnam Visa fee instructions

Many questions are raised around the visa fee. Let us have a chance to tell you in detail about this.

In order to receive your Vietnam visa, you have to pay for two kinds of fees: Service fee and Stamping fee.

Vietnam visa online Service fee: Fee pay for us to arrange approval letter from Vietnam immigration for picking up your Vietnam visa on arrival at Vietnam airport or at embassy.

Vietnam visa Stamp fee: Fee pay to get visa stamped on your passport when you collect your visa on arrival or at embassy. Stamping fee to get visa on arrival at Vietnam airport is $ 45 /pp for single entry visa or $65 USD/pp for less than 1 month multiple entry visa, 95 USD/pp for less than 3 month multiple visa and 135 USD for less than 6 month multiple entry visa. Please note that stamping fee at embassy of Vietnam is not fixed and it vary from embassy to embassy, therefore would you please contact them to know exactly how much for this case.

Many people think they can get visa on arrival at the airport directly without the approval letter arranged before their trip but in fact that is just hearsay. The truth is, there used to be some travelers who applied their visa through an online agent and they could enter Vietnam without any approval letter. However, in those cases, some online travel agents had already asked us for their customers’ approval letters. Just in case we apply for the approval letter from the Vietnam Immigration Department, their customers can enter Vietnam. So, to avoid cheating companies and to have a good trip, please apply for your approval letter online at our website to collect your Vietnam visa safely.

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