Koh Kong may be approached directly from Thailand via the Cham Yeam crossing, and from Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh and Kampot by road. Several bus companies offer direct bus service between Koh Kong, Sihanoukville and Phnom Penh. Buses arrive and depart the bus station in Koh Kong. Bus company offices are clustered along Street 3 in the center of town. For more on international border crossings     Get a tourist visa for Vietnam    see the Overland page. 

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National Route #4 (NR4) connects Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh.. Road #48 runs between NR4 and Koh Kong City. The road from Koh Kong (Road #48) is in fair condition – fully     Vietnam VISA fee    paved but broken and pot-holed in sections. Road #48 passes through the jungled Cardamom Mountains. At high points on the road the jungle canopy can be seen stretching into the distance. ‘Elephant Crossing’ signs dot the side of the road in parts. Road #48 also spans four picturesque major rivers. Keep your camera ready.

Bus Several bus companies bus companies offer     Getting Your Vietnam Visa    direct daily bus service between Koh Kong and Sihanouk Ville using full size a/c buses for $6-$10/person. About 4-4.5 hours duration. Most buses depart in     apply vietnam visa    the morning. Check current schedule.

 Taxi Share taxi:  45,000R/person. Up to 6 passengers in one taxi. Private taxi: $65-$70.


 Taxi About $75 for a private taxi. 

Bus Several bus companies bus companies offer direct daily bus service between Koh Kong and Phnom    Getting Vietnam Visa    Penh using full size a/c buses. $12-13/person. About 5 hours duration. Most buses depart around 7:45AM and another at midday.

 Getting Around Koh Kong 
Motorcycle taxis (motodups) are common and priced about the same as other Cambodian towns. Motodup drivers expect foreigners to pay 500-2000 riel for short trips in     vietnam visa application    town. From the Thai border to town is 50B though from they usually want twice that to go from town to the border. By the day, motodups charge $5-$7. You can rent a 100 or 110cc bike through your guesthouse for about the same price. To rent a dirt bike contact Neptune Guesthouse. 

 Koh     getting a visa to visit vietnam    Kong Hotels and Guesthouses 
Koh Kong offers a pretty good choice of accommodations including several very reasonably priced guesthouses, a few mid-range places along the riverfront and upscale rooms the Koh Kong International Resort. Offering a very unique eco-lodging experience a few ‘eco-accommodations’ are located on and along the Tai Tai River in the jungled Cardamom Mountains 20-30 kilometers outside of town, including the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge, Rainbow Lodge and the Neptune Bungalows.